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Visiting Brazil by itself as just one female – Rio de Janeiro community forum

Visiting Brazil by itself as just one female – Rio de Janeiro community forum

Very . . . I am sitting on my own balcony, drinking a caipirinha during the 90 degree temperature, and thinking of/planning simple subsequent vacation to Brazil (cherished it a great deal in March that i simply gotta revisit!). If I can control it into my agenda and resources, i am decreasing in September — alone this time.

I know some people need advised that an individual wife does not have businesses visiting Brazil all alone, unless she possesses « extracurricular » reasons in mind.

But I eventually consider Brazil have a lot more to consider. That said, listed below are my brain:

2 days — Iguacu lies (Argentine half)

a couple of days — Iguacu accidents (Brazil part)

3 nights — Pantanal

What do you think on this route? Might it be also « busy »? In addition, exactly how do you think of me creating this journey solo? I’d like to notice the activities of women who’ve created comparable fearless travels.

« i understand some people have proposed that one lady is without sales traveling to Brazil on your own, unless she gets « extracurricular » use in your thoughts. »

An individual browse that on *this* discussion board? Exactly who actually said that?

You have to know right now from examining the community forum that we (woman) have-been travelling to/in Brazil for more than a decade, and frequently go alone by solution, such as for the South american areas a person bring up. I don’t consider this to be a « brave trip’ whatever, even if associated with unicamente aspect or perhaps the feminine problem. Plenty of lady blazed a trail for your needs yet others to try this trip, and every other you wish, starting with the women’s action in the 70s, and a lot more so since. A sixteen year old girl not too long ago made an effort to travel throughout the world, solo, remember? A great deal relies, logically, about how comfy that you are with ourselves whatever the case, being by yourself/with on your own, or going yourself everywhere, and the way well you use by yourself beneath the situations a person experience every day from home.

Brazilians are very open and practical, while you must know, and you are prone to discover little complications as women (unlike other nations). You are flirted with, but perhaps not pressured. You have to be fairly accustomed to circumstances in Brazil from the previous journey. On any trip outside of Carnaval period, the situation is likely to be quieter round than you’ve probably experienced in Salvador during those times. As you can imagine, the greater amount of Portuguese a person learn, the extra effortlessly you’ll be able to to consult all everyday travel specifics, while the a whole lot more Brazilians you may possibly satisfy. Residing at hostels might maximize your probability of encounter other international travellers with whom to see the destinations.

Iguacu have hostels and safe, cheaper inns, and it’s simple get around by hometown tour bus to both edges of playground.

Absolutely a tour bus that goes from your city of Foz in Brazil into Brazilian region of the playground. Ditto in the Argentine side, from Puerto to that region of the park. Plus there is a bus that attaches public transit escort Bend station in Puerto with some bus stand-in Foz.

It is advisable to organize additional time for your Pantanal. Three days is a great time frame to ‘be’ there, but add some each day to reach and everyday to get out of this remote area again. Poster « ericos », the website knowledgeable on that locations, features a brief total of close funds lodges/tours within the southern area Pantanal. You might also see one day or more in Bonito should you enter from your south.

Top wants for the next stellar travels in Brazil !



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